Commercial Mortgages and Industrial Mortgages In Toronto

We specialize in commercial mortgages and industrial mortgages in Toronto and anywhere in Southern Ontario.

Whether your looking to buy your first warehouse or retail outlet or build from the ground up, we will help you navigate through the process to get the financing that is right for your business.

At Toronto Mortgage Rates, we have access to major lenders as well as private lenders and other lenders that will only work directly with mortgage specialists.

In a commercial mortgage, the borrower most often is a business or company versus an individual. The company can be incorporated or unincorporated. The borrower in this case may be buying anyone of the following types of commercial mortgages from the lender:

  • Industrial Mortgage– This could be a warehouse, factory or similar.
  • Commercial Plaza Mortgage– Any type of retail or storefront.
  • Office Mortgage– Any type of office building or unit.
  • Multi-Residential Mortgage– Buying a building that houses multi-families or tenants as an investment property.
  • Construction Mortgage– Financing the costs to build or renovate an industrial or multi-res building.

The credit application process is more complicated with this type of mortgage as company financials are involved. As there is more risk, mortgage rates are usually higher than residential lending rates.  You should also factor in that commercial mortgages take longer to process.

Lending institutions do not generally post commercial rates therefore it is difficult to compare one lender to another. With an independent mortgage broker working on your behalf, we have the expertise and relationships to determine where we can get the best rate and terms for your business.

Talk to us first. Call us for a no cost and no obligation call and pick our brain on the best course of action to get you the commercial mortgage funding you require.